1.GI (Glycemic Index)

According to the Glycemic Index Study Report and Test Result of Temasek Polytechnic Glycemic Index Research Unite, Temasek Analytical Services Facility, Singapore indicates that Betamore Fragrant Rice is MEDIUM GI (62.0 ± 3.69) as tested as per ISO 26642:2010 GI testing Methodology.

This prove that Betamore Fragrant rice is high quality rice that support better hearlth outcomes particularly for people living with diabetes where rice is an important and core food in the diet. .  


As Betamore have strong commitment to maintaining high quality standard rice, we send Betamore fragrant rice to test on nutrition facts. This points consumer will be each to check and eat according to their daily requirement better health



3. Not just finding nutrition facts on Betamore fragrant rice, it was also tested to find harmful elements or banned chemical elements contains in it. As a result, indicates that Betamore Fragrant rice is free from Microbiological elements, Heavy mentals, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, Radionuclides and Non GMO (testing by Internation Surveillance & Consultancy Co., Ltd).



Recently, our betamore Frangrant Rice passed testing from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Testing Institute of Product Quality. Testing from ISC and in china is not different results, but we found sodium contain more on our rice is 0.8mg/100g. this amount of sodium is really good for people’s health, especially it plays an important roles to covert to energy for human.



1. Put one cup of dry rice into the rice cooker. Wash and rinse it really well till the water clean and pour the water away. 2. Add one cup of water. Cover the rice cooker and turns it on. 3. When cooker automatically turn off, do not lift the cover immediately. Allow it to simmer for 5-10 minutes and unplug electric. 4. Server and enjoy.  Soft or hard rice depends on the putting more or less water when cooking.