On June 13, 2017: Women’s Community , other Development Community , such as consumer or small business based in the City studied about business from Bayon Rice Cereal Co. Ltd., that is an active member of the Cambodia Rice Federation in order to aimed at business development partners through the supply of good quality and reasonably priced source for members’ livelihoods.

6 members of the community with more than 20 under the mediation of the Community Development Office of the Department of Agriculture Hall and World Vision (Vision) expressed enthusiasm for explanation from basmati rice quality and the mode of cultivation of rice each. In particular, the display from the cultivation and farming communities growing certainty that consumer confidence continues to rise.

As stated by representatives of many communities to buy rice distributed to the members in the past were carried out according to market sources, but the quality also varies, which makes members of the community turned to the precise source of supply. The community has distributed tons of rice every month.

Mr. York Sovan CEO of Bayon Cereal Co. Ltd considers perceived to represent those communities that is a wise choice in this modern era of technology.
He claimed that the product quality is a real source cultivate precise processing technology stocks were safe and proper distribution network, especially, is a leading barcode products in accordance with international standards that they can know the actual production source.

On the occasion, Mr. York Sovan mentioned that his company has 4 types of rice . Among all the rice sold to the community at a lower price with a little profit but it can contribute to distribute rice to consumers in a comprehensive manner.
Meanwhile, representatives of Cambodian Rice Federation has also witnessed and welcomed the progress in sealing profiles to the business user community, which marks a positive step among many other mechanisms to ensure genuine use of domestic products.

The result: a community representative will be bringing all the information to tell members to decide to accept the supply chain in the future.